Foo Fighters Fraud Tries To Con Fans Out Of Money


Foo Fighters Live are reporting that there are ‘fraudsters’ on Instagram impersonating Foo members trying to con fans out of money, including a fake Pat Smear account.

They tweeted, “Foo Fighters fans, PLEASE retweet and spread the word, there are still fraudsters on instagram with fake band member profiles trying to sell tickets to non-existent meet and greets. The real band members will NEVER sell such a thing. Don't send any money to any of these profiles!”

One fan responded, “So the pop up store isn’t real?”

Another said, “I’d assume that the fraudsters are using genuine images to appear more convincing.”

Foo Fighters Live responded, “Indeed. Pop up store/event is of course real, but this account is pretending to be Pat and offering fake meet and greets with the band there and other locations.”

Foo Fighters are set to hold their Cal Jam festival in October, but it’s important to note that these meet and greets are fake and scams that have nothing to do with the band.