Slash Calls Out ‘Bullshit’ Rumor About Axl Rose’s Ex-Wife


Mick Wall’s 2016 Guns N’ Roses book The Last of the Giants claimed that Slash’s girlfriend Meegan Hodges and Axl Rose’s ex-wife Erin Everly helped put together the GNR reunion. The book stated:

On 30 December 2014, Slash filed for divorce from his wife of 13 years, Perla Hudson. The pair had split once before, in 2010, but had soon reconciled. This time it was to be permanent. According to legal documents, the pair had separated six months earlier. Soon afterwards, Slash had hooked up with a new girlfriend, Meegan Hodges – the same Meegan Hodges whom Slash had first fallen in love with as a teenager, but who had walked away for the sake of her own sanity when things began to take off in earnest with Guns N’ Roses, and the same Meegan Hodges who had been such a good friend to Erin Everly, and who was about to play a pivotal part in the future of both the guitarist and his old enemy, Axl Rose.

‘Meegan was his nineteen-year-old girlfriend in 1988,’ says former band manager Alan Niven. ‘But Meegan bailed on him because it was so fucking crazy. And well done Meegan, for having a sense of self-preservation and getting her ass out of there. Meegan coming back into his life now was sufficient for him to finally get out of a relationship that he was very unhappy with. By falling in love again with Meegan and having her support he could get out of the relationship.’

Coming back together with Meegan unlocked another door for Slash, suggests Niven. ‘So Meegan has a best friend who lives in Atlanta. And that best friend is called Erin Everly.’ Suddenly, ‘Erin and Axl are talking again. That was the seed for getting Axl and Slash back together. It was Erin and Meegan.’

In a new Classic Rock Magazine interview, Slash was asked about this rumor.

“Oh God, no. See, this is what we don’t want to get into. Because there’s so much bullshit talk out there. Erin had nothing to do with anything. Are you saying that Meegan and Erin got Guns N’ Roses back together?”

The interviewer mentioned the claim was made in Mick Wall’s book.

“I haven’t spoken to Mick in ages so he doesn’t know shit about anything. I’m sorry, Mick, but…because no one [in Guns] is doing any press, no one wants to talk about anything personal. I’ve spent the last…since two thousand and fucking eight or whatever, avoiding Guns N’ Roses questions, and my life has been a lot better because of it. So I am not about to get into that now, you know. But no, there’s no truth to that.”