Scott Weiland Previously Unseen 1998 Video Leaks


Photo by Corey Hickok

A professionally shot performance from late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland’s 1998 solo tour for 12 Bar Blues has leaked. The show took place on May 15, 1998 at the 930 Club in Washington DC.

Weiland’s back band in 1998 was called The Action Girls. The lineup included Porno For Pyros bassist Martyn LeNoble, ex-Red Kross and Samiam drummer Victor Indrizzo, guitarist Daniel Lanois, and Michael Weiland on percussion. Corey Hickok played guitar on a David Letterman performance.

Weiland was arrested for drug possession in New York a couple of weeks later in New York, and the remainder of the tour was canceled. Weiland returned to STP in 1999 to record No. 4, before being sentenced to jail for his 1998 arrest.

Opposite Octave Reaction
Desperation #5
About Nothing
Tumble In The Rough
Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down
Mockingbird Girl
Cool Kiss
Piece Of Pie

Watch video from the performance below.