Foo Fighters Hire New 44-Year Old Drummer?


Foo Fighters are rumored to be in talks with The Script drummer Glen Power, Nova reports. Radio DJ Chris Moyles may have just stepped over the line – if there is a line to overstep. David Grohl, Foo Fighters’ reason for being was recently the target of Christopher who said some things he shouldn’t have. What words were spoken that Christopher felt the need to apologize for having spoken. Let’s find out…

As per NME, Radio X DJ Chris Moyles unofficially announced that a new Foo Fighters album is on the way during his breakfast show on February 7, the year of our Lord, 2023. 

Moyles unexpectedly made the announcement live on the air, after playing the 2011 Foo Fighters single ‘Walk’.

“I love that song so much – Foo Fighters, and ‘Walk’,” he said. “They’ve got a new album coming out in, er, March, Foo Fighters… which I’m very much looking forward to.”

Following this comment, the subject of a new Foo Fighters album isn’t brought up again during the show. A clip from the broadcast was uploaded to Twitter and then shared by Foo Fighters fan page @FooFightersUK.

Since the broadcast, Moyles has spoken on air about the unofficial announcement, noting “I’ve caused a bit of a kerfuffle”. In the clip (see below), the DJ is shocked to hear that publications and websites have picked up on his comments and started reporting news of a new Foo Fighters album.

“I’m in a very uncomfortable cul-de-sac and I don’t really know what to do,” Moyles said, before explaining the situation. “I’ve made the website of another radio station!”

Chris said: “Look, all I will say is this. I can’t say anymore…anyway, sorry Dave. I’m really sorry Dave.”