Harry Styles & Hillary Duff Daughter Rumor Leaks


Hillary Duff, the former Disney child actress who hasn’t been in the limelight for a number years has suddenly been thrust back to the top. However, today it is Hillary’s daughter who is acting as the rocket fuel to drive her there. Hillary’s daughter is a fan of Harry Styles – you know. The young man who resembles Elton John and David Bowie. Hillary’s daughter wants to see Mr. Styles appear on a certain TV series. Which one you ask?

As per Yahoo, Hilary Duff‘s How I Met Your Father character Sophie Tompkins has had plenty of love interests so far—including Jesse (Chris Lowell), Ian (Daniel Augustin) and Drew (Josh Peck).

But there’s one famous pop star-turned-actor that the star is down to have play her latest romantic partner. As Hilary exclusively shared on the Feb. 8 episode of E! News, “Harry Styles,” before noting that her daughter Banks, 4—whom she shares with husband Matthew Koma—would be “so excited” to see her star alongside the “As It Was” singer.

“Sure, my god, we’d love to have Harry Styles, right?” Hilary said, to which her co-star Suraj Sharma, who plays Sid on the Hulu series, added, “That’d be dope.”

Despite her several romantic partners, HIMYF fans still don’t know the answer to the show’s biggest mystery—who the father of Sophie’s son is. Just as Josh Radnor‘s Ted Mosby did on How I Met Your Mother, the rebooted series is told from the POV of older Sophie—played by Kim Cattrall—as she recounts the events of how she met her son’s father.

There you have it folks. Harry Styles. From tinsel, stages and skittles to How I Met Your Father.