Foo Fighters Have Huge Idea For Sonic Highways Second Season


Dave Grohl revealed he has a ‘concept’ for a second season of Foo Fighters’ HBO series Sonic Highways in a new Rolling Stone interview. He mentioned kids across the United States making their own Sonic Highways, could this be part of the concept? We’ll have to wait and see!

What’s going on with a second season of Sonic Highways?

Well, we’ve been working on it for six years now, and . . . I’m kidding. That door is always open. And a lot of great things have stemmed from that series. There are now kids in schools across the country making their own Sonic Highways about the little towns where they live. I still have the concept for the second season, so, someday.

When you’re trying to make melodic hard rock, the two things can sometimes clash. What do you do to try to achieve some balance?

Well, it always starts with the melody. Always. So, all of those songs were written on an acoustic guitar. I mean whether it’s “Run” or “Sky Is A Neighborhood,” any of those. They were written on an acoustic and before I even take it to the next step, I make sure that they’d have some sort of melody braided around the riff. Noise is easy. I have to be honest. Like, I know that people are, you know, romanced by the idea of noise and drone, but the fucking challenge really is making something that’s simple with melody. And then it changes live. Like, I was listening to the studio version of one of our songs the other day that we play every night and I was just like, “Oh, my god, that sounds so tame.” Because then when we get out on stage, it’s just like a fucking bulldozer. And it’s a three hour show, so the 45 minutes we’re going on I feel like, “Oh, god. I gotta run this fucking marathon again.” And the first five or six songs, we don’t even stop. I don’t even say hello until we’re an hour into the show, and that’s when it starts to get fun. We just do what we do. I don’t really know how to do anything else.