Watch Chris Cornell Jr. Relive Father’s Legacy In New Music Video


Chris Cornell Jr. stars in the emotional new video for his late father’s son “When Bad Does Good”. In the video, Cornell rides around Seattle on a bike with constant reminders of his father’s iconic lyrics with Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, and Audioslave. He even visitis the Sub Pop office and sees a picture of Soundgarden in the 80’s, and rides past the Space Needle.

“When Bad Does Good” is a previously unreleased song that premiered in September, and appears on the new Chris Cornell career retrospective album. Chris Cornell’s son Chris Cornell Jr. stars in the music video in the clip, riding a bike and delivering newspapers in Seattle. Chris Cornell Jr. previously appeared in the music video for “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart”, the lead single off of Higher Truth in 2015.

The video for that was western themed, with Cornell Jr. watching as his father appeared to be hung. Due to the way Chris Cornell died in May 2017, the music video was pulled down out of respect. Cornell Jr. also appeared onstage with his father numerous times at Songbook shows, and even wore a ‘Black Hole Son’ shirt. Toni Cornell performed with Chris Sr. in New York in 2015, and released a posthumous duet cover of “Nothing Compares 2 U” earlier this year.

Watch the video for the new Chris Cornell “When Bad Does Good” music video below. The song features a few lines that were used in the 2012 Soundgarden song “By Crooked Steps”. Actor Josh Brolin reminded Vicky Cornell about the song, which helped lead to its eventual release.