Foo Fighters Let Kid Drum For Them, Did He Nail It Or Blow It?


Foo Fighters let a fan named Pierce drum on “Under Pressure” at a recent concert. Pierce discussed the experience on Reddit.

“I also wanted to point out the moments leading up to me going on stage. Most of the videos I’ve seen only start once I’m already up there. This one captures the whole thing. It was funny yet confusing and nervewracking because the person next to me thought that Dave was talking to him. He started to climb the barrier before Dave said ‘Not you, weirdo!'”

“I chose Under pressure because I didn’t want to potentially mess up a foo fighters song, I saw the video from Italy where Mohawk played it, and It would give Taylor something got do rather than just watch.”

That’s kind of what I did, except with two years buffer and not a week. I feel like there will be many (for lack of a better word) copycat scenarios following so if that is the case and you decide to try it, I wish you the best of luck to distinguish yourself from the others.”

“It is by far the highest quality and best sounding drum kit I’ve ever sat behind, even after being played for almost three hours at that point. I personally like to sit very high, almost to where my feet are just dangling on the pedals. I keep my toms low and mostly flat, with my cymbals behind the toms and not much higher.
Taylor’s cymbals felt like they were almost over my head. It is quite a reach, so there was a missed note or two. I would have also had the floor toms a little further away, but it works for him so I who am I to complain?”

“Honestly I wasn’t nervous at all. I’ve done concert band and marching band all throughout middle and high school. I’ve had my fair share of mistakes in front of large audiences before, and you just learn to move on. I was just worried about gaining the approval of Dave and Taylor and I didn’t care that there were 12,000+ people in front of me.”

Watch video below!