Foo Fighters Make Stunning Guns N’ Roses Money Demand


Iconic Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins stopped by Los Angeles radio station 95.5 KLOS and was the recent guest host on of their shows. Here, Hawkins discusses former member of Guns N’ Roses, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal and makes an embarrassing demand to see if Thal can get them free tickets to his current project – the current incarnation of Asia. Alternative Nation transcribed Hawkins’ comments along with his Chevy Metal bandmates who served as co-hosts:

Bandmate #1: Now Bumblefoot is playing guitar.

[Hawkins laughs]

Bandmate #2: Bumblefoot?

Hawkins: Who’s that? Who is Bumblefoot?

Bandmate #1: Bumblefoot was in Guns N’ Roses.

Hawkins: Was he the guy that wore the KFC thing on his head?

Bandmate #1: No, no that’s Buckethead 

Bandmate #2: Yeah Buckethead

Hawkins: Yeah they should of gotten Buckethead, dude, you would of had way more tickets with Buckethead. Bumblefoot, does he have an interesting look at all or is just just a foot fungus – how did he come up with that? 

Bandmate #1: He’s a really good guitar player, I don’t really know how he got his name. 

Hawkins: Well he’s your bro, right, you know him right?

Bandmate #1: I know him but –

Bandmate #2: Can you get us tickets?

Bandmate #1: To Asia? Yeah,

Bandmate #2: Only time will tell.

Bandmate #1: I’m sure he’ll hook us up.

Hawkins: Well, I’m sure, the heat is of the moment.

Bandmate #1: Bumblefoot is also singing.

Bandmate #2: The heat is on!

Hawkins: No, that’s Glenn Frey, The Heat Is On is Glenn Frey

[Hawkins then drums and sings “The Heat of The Moment” by Asia]

Hawkins: So Bumblefoot is going to singing and playing that? 

Bandmate #1: Yes.

Hawkins: How much is he getting paid?

Bandmate #1: Oh, I don’t know, I can call him right now.

Hawkins: Text him and also find out why his name is Bumblefoot.