Red Hot Chili Peppers Ex-Guitarist Drops Reunion Bombshell


Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Dave Navarro revealed in a new Twitter Q&A that he wants to reunite with the band onstage to play “Aeroplane” side by side with Josh Klinghoffer. Navarro was fired from the Chili Peppers in 1998 after falling down at a rehearsal while he was high on drugs. John Frusciante then returned to the band for a decade, before being replaced by Klinghoffer. Dave Navarro shared a story about meeting with John Frusciante years after his own Chili Peppers stint.

We’ve seen some RHCP former members joining the tour for a song or two like Jack Irons, can we see you and Josh rocking that Aeroplane solo together someday?

“I’d do it! He’s a killer guitarist.”

How do you feel about One Hot Minute? Love the sound you brought to that band

“I love that record thank you!”

How far ahead of time do artists know they’re on the show?? Because I’d spend that ENTIRE time practicing styles I DON’T do…. Like, “Oh, I only do black and gray. I’ll officially ONLY do color until the show.” And regardless, I’d DEFINITELY practice portraits.

“#InkMaster no idea… its nuts!”

I met and spoke to you once in Kensington Market in London. It was when you had slightly deadlocked hair with blue streaks, such a great look. It was the afternoon before a JA gig which I had tickets for. Just wanted to say I’ve never forgotten that day

“DUDE! I remember that day holy fuck!”

Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction) and Billy Morrison (Royal Machines, Billy Idol) have announced the second annual Above Ground benefit concert celebrating vinyl and raising mental health awareness.

The two musicians will perform The Stooges’ self-titled debut and David Bowie’s The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars in their entirety. Special guests will also join them during performances Sept. 16 at Los Angeles’ The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. All profits will be donated to the Recording Academy and MusiCares’ efforts in raising funds for mental health treatment.