Foo Fighters Member Betrayed By Bandmate: ‘He Didn’t Defend Me To Dave Grohl’


Former Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith has been in the news recently for heavily criticizing Dave Grohl, and claiming he played a role in Sunny Day Real Estate never releasing their fifth album, though he later clarified his statement with additional reasoning, while still throwing shade at Grohl. This new story has led to Foo Fighters fans resurfacing an interview that Goldsmith did on The Trap Set with Joe Wong in 2016 that was not circulated at all in the press at the time.

Alternative Nation transcribed his comments about feeling that bassist Nate Mendel had gone back on their agreement to be in Foo Fighters as a ‘team.’

“Nate and I had a rule where we were basically a team. We were basically together, or not at all. We were either going to be doing this together, or not at all, we’re a package deal. That was kind of like our thing, we were brothers. That’s true man, if he would have gotten kicked out, I would have split, I absolutely would have split, I would have gone with him. When push came to shoved, of course I didn’t say, ‘You have to quit!’ But not only did he not hold up to that end of the deal, which I didn’t expect him to, but he didn’t try to defend me. He didn’t try to defend me on every level.”

Wong said that it seems like William has forgiven him.

Goldsmith responded, “Yeah, Nate just has a different approach towards things. When good people don’t do anything, bad people get to do whatever the fuck they want.”

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  • Mike Griffith

    crybaby is broke and looking to squeeze anyone or anything that moves!!!

    • Ed Campbell

      Time to pay the rent again is just around the corner.

  • trip taylor

    I like the idea of a Rock news site. But this idiot gets a new headline every day. Moving on due to dumb editorial choices. No sympathy for this guy at all

  • andrew f

    Ohmyfrigginggod no one cares….I’m starting to think this is a wind up..You don’t seriously think anyone gives a f— about this non story, do you?

  • Mack

    Wait, weren’t you the guy who got mad and argued with Dave for drumming over your drum tracks on the first album? The guy who got mad at one of the greatest drummers in music, ever!?
    Even though Dave wasn’t throwing you out of the band, he was just going to color in your parts better for the product that will be around forever and ever. But, you had to start beefin about it, so now you are on the outs.
    Go Figure!
    To make matters worse, you have to see Pat’s orginal replacement back in the fold and you are still elsewhere. Even though you can see that capitulation and an apology might get you some numbers on stage as Trevor’s sub or a special appearance, something…
    Dave seems to welcome everyone back, burned bridge or no. But not you…why is that?

    I play guitar and if I were in a band with Slash and he went into the studio an dubbed over my parts, I’d be like; OMG, thank you thank you thank you etc,

    But not you. You got integrity. You got pride. And now you got these articles as the height of your music career. The guy who hates Dave Grohl.

    Good luck with that.

  • NikkN

    What? Is it whining drummer month? Sick of hearing about this guy

  • Tom S

    How much of this is the old whiney drummer that got kicked out because he couldn’t keep up with the band and how much is Brett Buchanan having nothing to write about? This is, I think, the seventh distinct article about this whiner to come up in my feed in a month. Is this a effort to stretch out one thing that nobody cared about to begin with to trick people into thinking this site actually has content?

  • Zeke Pliskin

    Put a sock in it Will. Dave Grohl has done too many good things over the past few decades and gotten to work with his heroes. I don’t think he’d have been able to do any of that if he were the dickhole that Will makes him out to be, without going into much detail. It’s a simple case of his playing wasn’t quite up to scratch enough for the Foo Fighters and he’s still butthurt about it years later. He needs to move on and rock news sites need to stop giving him coverage.

  • Seth Gundersen

    My band Phantom Suns just put out an album. A lot of people here might like it.

    Here are some possible headlines for it:

    “Unknown Band Reveals New Album that Will Break Your Heart” (by how good it is)

    “Modern Grunge Band Releases New Album with Surprising Connection to Dave Grohl” (because we like his music)

    But seriously,

  • Just The Truth

    Dave is notoriously hard on drummers due to the fact he’s so good. Taylor is also a superior drummer to this guy.

  • Anonymous501

    Does anyone know a better rock news website? In this instance this website is taking what is probably a single interview, and making the guy sound like he’s a whiny bitch every day. Taking another quote from the same interview and acting like its new news.

    This website’s gone to shit. I guess it’s hard when there’s not much big rock news left to report on anymore…… sigh…

  • Michael Flatters

    Good freaking god, let this die please. Bottom line, he was asked, by his boss, to re-record his drum parts and he refused. Thank god, because to this day that is my favorite Foos record, and I’m pretty certain Grohl drumming on it is a big part of that. Please go back to whatever rock you’ve been hiding under since 1997.

  • NemoBass44

    Can you just put Will Goldsmith in the headline and save us from the clickbait articles. You were given the opportunity of a life time and you pissed it away because you are a head case. Things happen for a reason, sometimes that reason is you’re an idiot.

  • significant

    How the fuck is this guy who first lied about what went down is getting so much press? Is it the same writer or group of writers? Is it because Grohl has been so critical of Donald Trump? What the fuck, get a life. This is a non God damned story.