Foo Fighters Member Calls Bandmate ‘Thief’ Who Is ‘Like The Flu’


Former Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith has been in the news recently for heavily criticizing Dave Grohl, and claiming he played a role in Sunny Day Real Estate never releasing their fifth album, though he later clarified his statement with additional reasoning, while still throwing shade at Grohl. This new story has led to Foo Fighters fans resurfacing an interview that Goldsmith did on The Trap Set with Joe Wong in 2016 that was not circulated at all in the press at the time.

Alternative Nation transcribed his comments about former Sunny Day Real Estate bandmate Dan Hoerner.

“The real problem why Sunny Day has problems is because Dan Hoerner, our guitar player, is a fucking thief.”

He later said, “The truth is he’s such a shitty dude, that every time Sunny Day gets together and tries to do stuff, like when we did this reunion tour last time, and Nate was like, ‘I really think Dan has come around.’ I was like, I’m telling you dude, the flu. You have the flu it’s really bad, you get over it, and you’re like, I remember the flu was not bad. Then you have the flu again, and you’re like, oh no the flu is bad. When you have a little bit of space you don’t quite remember how horrible having the flu was, but then when you have it again, you’re like, oh shit this is bad. Dan is like the flu.

The other side of Dan is one of the reasons Sunny Day was so inspired is because his positive encouragement, when you would do something, he would treat it like it was the greatest thing that had ever been done in the world, and he would make you believe it. His enthusiasm really pushed us, he inspired us to be inspired, that’s the thing. I think back on it, was that real? I don’t know. All I know is the positive side to Dan is his enthusiasm was so powerful, that really helped drive that band. Then as time went on, his enthusiasm sort of became different, and less. He was more like, ‘Look, I can just play this one guitar part over and over again while you guys do all this other stuff, and that’s all I have to do.’”