Pearl Jam Member Releases Emotional Chris Cornell “Seasons” Cover


Former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese has released a cover of Chris Cornell’s “Seasons” with Pseutopia.

The YouTube description states:

Cover Version of the Song ” Seasons ” written by Chris Cornell
Dave Abbruzzese : Drums
Laji George : Vocals
Shyam Narayan : Bass
Mithun Raju : Guitars
Produced and Mixed by Mithun Raju
Mastered by Vivek Thomas
Camera : Mahesh SR , John Martin Productions , Shivani Dixit

Pseutopia wrote on Facebook yesterday, “We are thrilled to present our tribute to our hero, the majestic singer-songwriter, our beloved Chris Cornell. We first cover the beautiful Seasons, his stunning solo work on Singles. To have his peer and friend, the awe-inspiring legend Dave Abbruzzese to share his love in this tribute has been really special. Thank you Chris for inspiring us all these years!

We are also releasing the video for Crooked Nose, an original song that takes us back to the inception of Pseutopia – a shout out to the people who persevere through uncounted hours of struggle and determination in the pursuit of their dreams.”

You can watch the tribute to Chris Cornell’s “Seasons” below. “Seasons” originally appeared on the 1992 Singles soundtrack, and helped kickstart Cornell’s solo career, which eventually led to the release of his debut solo album Euphoria Morning in 1999.