Foo Fighters Member Feared He’d Die After Dave Grohl Drama


Former Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith has been in the news recently for heavily criticizing Dave Grohl, and claiming he played a role in Sunny Day Real Estate never releasing their fifth album, though he later clarified his statement with additional reasoning, while still throwing shade at Grohl. This new story has led to Foo Fighters fans resurfacing an interview that Goldsmith did on The Trap Set with Joe Wong in 2016 that was not circulated at all in the press at the time.

Goldsmith discussed how he feared he’d die if he stayed in Foo Fighters after Dave Grohl re-recorded his drum parts for The Colour and the Shape in 1997. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“When [Dave Grohl] first asked me [to join Foo Fighters], I said no. I said I don’t think that I’m the right guy for the job. He said, ‘That’s exactly why you’re the person that has to do it.’ I wish I would have stuck with the no. But there’s this other part of me that, everybody in my family, all of my friends, everybody is just like, ‘Dude, you have to do this!’

Everybody thought that I had [made it]. Finally my family, with Sunny Day my family started to accept me wanting to play drums. For a long time, they were not happy about it at all, but still they got me a drum kit. Then when I was in Foo Fighters, it was like I had won the lottery or something. It was so amazing to them, and that was the hardest part is when I quit how upset they were.

[It was] just like, ‘We all have to work shitty jobs, suck it up.’ But it was more, ‘Can’t you just do what Dave wants?’ I was like, after what was done to me, the way that things were handled, if I stay in this band man, my soul is going to go down the toilet. I am just going to be a nothing monkey, and am just going to end up drinking, doing more drugs, and probably going to be dead.”

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  • Chris Shelley

    You were gonna die? Couldn’t handle the pressure? Glad you left, for your own well-being. Foo Fighters have some amazing songs, tho. Don’t understand the anti-Grohl wave that’s happening.

    Glad you are ok. I bet it’s hard being the drummer of a band led by one of the great rock drummers of his era. THAT sounds draining.

    • sharkguitar

      Goldsmith seems to have a flair for the dramatic.

  • andrew f

    So, did DG wipe this guy’s drum tracks because they weren’t good enough or just to be a dick or what? And is DG not releasing this SD album because it sucks or because it’s good and therefore a threat or ?

    • Geniu Mecanic

      He said the drum tracks weren’t good enough when he was interviewed. And said that he felt really bad about it. This was their breakthrough. If it wasn’t prefect, FF might not be here right now.

  • Geniu Mecanic

    Yeah, ask Taylor Hawkins how terrible that whole Foo Fighters gig turned out…

  • Keith Kinkade

    Will this crybaby motherfucker just please shut up? Jesus….

  • Cunt Fuckula

    Man, a drummer in a world famous rock band. THE MOST dangerous of professions 🙄

  • NemoBass44

    You could just play your instrument better than Dave, you know progress as a musician, learn from the experience, work harder and apply it to get better, so next time the issue is no longer an issue. But quitting is a lot easier and makes for better book sales later in life. Quitters never win. They just complain about the winners.