Foo Fighters Member Makes AC/DC 2024 Announcement


In an electrifying announcement that reverberates through the rock community, Foo Fighters’ drummer extraordinaire, Josh Freese, is set to take the stage for a night of thunderous beats and iconic tributes. As reported by Foozie’s Foo Fighters News on Facebook and confirmed by Planet Rock, Freese is slated to headline a Bon Scott – AC/DC tribute show on January 9, 2024, at the legendary Avalon in Hollywood.

For fans of both the Foo Fighters and the thunderous anthems of AC/DC, this event promises to be a sonic extravaganza. Josh Freese, known for his powerhouse drumming with the Foo Fighters, A Perfect Circle, and Devo, is no stranger to commanding the rhythm that fuels rock legends. Now, he is set to channel his percussive prowess into honoring the legendary Bon Scott, the iconic frontman of AC/DC whose legacy remains etched in the annals of rock history.

The Avalon, with its storied history as a Hollywood institution, is the perfect backdrop for this homage to one of rock’s most celebrated voices. The show, organized by Dean Delray’s “Let There Be Talk” podcast, promises an immersive experience for attendees, as they are transported through the sonic landscapes that defined an era.

For those ready to witness the collision of two musical forces, tickets for this not-to-be-missed event are already available. The Avalon’s hallowed halls will undoubtedly be filled with the thunderous beats of AC/DC classics, expertly delivered by Freese and a lineup of seasoned musicians joining forces to pay respects to the immortal Bon Scott.

Whether you’re a die-hard Foo Fighters fan, an AC/DC enthusiast, or simply someone with an ear for the timeless allure of rock ‘n’ roll, January 9, 2024, at the Avalon in Hollywood is a date to mark on your calendar. Grab your tickets and prepare for a night where the spirit of Bon Scott is resurrected through the rhythmic mastery of Josh Freese, creating a musical fusion that promises to be nothing short of legendary.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness this extraordinary tribute – secure your tickets now and be part of a night that celebrates the enduring power of rock music and the indelible mark left by two of its most iconic figures. Visit the Avalon’s website for ticket details:…/010924-dean-delrays…/