Foo Fighters Member Never Heard Of Adele, Has Hilarious Reaction Listening For First Time


Foo Fighters were recently interviewed on ET Canada, and Dave Grohl told a hilarious story about Pat Smear never having heard of Adele when Grohl proposed the idea of working with her producer Greg Kurstin.

“Pat has said, ‘What has he done?’”

“‘He did that Adele stuff.’”

“Pat was like, ‘Well what does she sound like?’”

“So I played him the song ‘Hello.’ He’s like, ‘Wow, that’s really cool, but how the fuck does this apply to what we do?’”

Smear later said during the interview, “Where am I going to hear that?”

Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett also discussed working with Kurstin on Concrete and Gold in a new Today Online article. “Working with Greg, switching it up to a new producer, and a different approach … at the beginning, Dave told everybody: ‘Don’t bring any of your usual gear, bring a different guitar, a different amp’, so I think he did have it in mind to mix it up and try something different this time.”

“[Paul] McCartney is on the song that Taylor [Hawkins] sang, Sunday Rain, but being at EastWest (Studios), there were all these people recording in the different studios there,” explained Shiflett. “I don’t think there was any master plan to have all the guests on the album. I think it was something that just unfolded as we were working. Maybe Dave planned it all, but I don’t think he did!”