Deranged Fan Invades Queens of the Stone Age’s Van, Chases ‘Shocked’ Band


Queens of the Stone Age discussed a deranged fan invading their van in a recent interview.

Michael Shuman: We were in Dublin. Had a great show, we came right off stage and went to get in the van.

Troy Van Leeuwen: We were all in the van, and it was dark.

Michael: Hanging out, and all of a sudden we smell McDonalds.

Troy: We’re like, who had McDonalds?

Michael: The fuck is that? We turn around.

Troy: All of a sudden this guy jumps up out of the back of the van and is like, ‘Ahhhhh!’

Michael: We’re kind of like so shocked, but it’s so amazing, how did he get in the van?

Troy: I don’t even know what he said. But oh my god, there’s a guy in here!

Michael: He must have left the show, went and got McDonalds, had time to get in the van.

Troy: So we kicked him out of the van of course, because we don’t know what this guy is going to do.

Michael: It just kind of blew our minds, so there was a smile on our face, but also get the fuck out of here.

Troy: We’re in traffic too, so we’re just going down the street. So he’s running behind us saying, ‘Fuck you guys!’

Michael: ‘Fuck you, but also great show!’

Troy: He caught back up to us, it just kept going.