Foo Fighters Member Regrets Joining Band


Recently, William Goldsmith was interviewed about his years of being a musician. William has been in a lot of bands, but what many don’t know is that he had a very short stint in the Foo Fighters. He ultimately left the band before things could really blow up for them. To this day, William is so bothered by even stepping foot in the Foo Fighters that he wishes he could just remove it all together from his history as a drummer. Foo Fighters fans have recently been worried about another member.

On the latest episode of Conan Neutron’s podcast, William Goldsmith was on as he spoke about his years as an musician. William has been the drummer for bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate, Assertion, and Foo Fighters.)

William ended up leaving the Foo Fighters directly during The Color And The Shape recording sessions, so he really wasn’t around for much at all, but it still bothers him that this was apart of his history. One of the big reasons why this bothers him so much is due to the fact that he is always asked the question of why he left, or what was it like being in the band. Countless people seem to hound him with these very base level questions.

In the interview, William did open up slightly about why he left the band. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

William said the following as it pertained to his departure from the group that would end up as one of the biggest in rock history: “It was a pain in the a**. Like, that’s the only band that I wish I could just, like, remove that from.”

Conan stated: “Really, just like remove that from your history?”

William followed up: “Yeah, for sure, because it’s been nothing but a pain in my a**. It doesn’t matter what happened because the Foo Fighters are like Disney. Everyone wants to love Mickey Mouse. Everyone loves Mickey Mouse, so it’s difficult thing, but sometimes Mickey Mouse is a little rough around the edges. It’s a no win scenario, so I’d rather remove it. I think the best thing to do is have a one on one conversation with Mickey.”

William is of course talking about Dave Grohl when referring to Mickey Mouse as it’s clear that he didn’t like working with him at all. William does make it clear, however, that he is not comparing Dave Grohl to Mickey Mouse. Goldsmith added that he has no ill will towards Grohl now, and regrets his tone in some past comments.