Slash Photographed At Disneyland Like Billy Corgan


Slash was recently photographed with his family at Disneyland, and he went on the Star Wars rides. You can see photos below. Billy Corgan went viral years back for his Disneyland photos.

Slash has worked with tons of singers in his day and still continues to do so. In fact, Slash is still getting on lots of new albums to this day through guitar work of his own. Many fans know that Slash has worked with almost every great rock vocalist in the industry. Slash also worked with many pop icons such as Michael Jackson through recording and touring as well.

The rock legend recently opened up about what it’s like to have worked with so many different people through his career and who really opened him up to what great singing was. As Slash alluded to, singing and instrumentation go more hand in hand than people truly realize. Slash gave a nod to his current vocal partner, Axl Rose for being the one who really showed him what great singing talent can do for a band.

With all of their feuds now behind them, Slash believes that Axl is the best vocalist that he has ever worked with. This is huge to say. Slash stated that before Axl stepped up to the mic, Slash felt very lost with music in terms of not really feeling quite a connection to whoever was singing before Axl.

Slash took it even further to say that before Axl Rose was on the mic while Slash was on the guitar – everyone beforehand “sucked”. Slash didn’t go into much detail about who he felt sucked the hardest or who the people were that he was talking about, but it was enough to make him actually enjoy working with other artists once Guns N’ Roses finally came into the final formation of the band that would go on to sell out tons of arenas and then sell many more records and go down as one of the best rock bands ever.