Foo Fighters New Single Sounds Like Rammstein


Foo Fighters will release a new single titled “No Son of Mine” on New Years Eve, and they have released a teaser, which brings back memory of 70’s glam rock like KISS, and more recent acts like Rammstein, with high pitched harmonies heard in the background. It definitely sounds completely different from lead single “Shame Shame,” an ominous and midtempo groove based song.

Grohl told SiriusXM about Foo Fighters’ new album Medicine at Midnight, set for release in February, “It’s our 10th album, and it’s our 25th anniversary. We’re. like, okay, let’s look back at all the stuff that we’ve done before. We’ve made that loud sort of noisy punk rock fast stuff. We’ve made the sleepy acoustic kind of gentle acoustic record stuff. We’ve done the three- or four-minute-long bubblegum rock and roll, pop, single thing before. And it was, like, well, what haven’t we done? And we had never really made a groove-oriented sort of party record.”

MscChris commented on Reddit, “The preview was from Holding Poison because of the leaked snippets.

It’s interesting that ‘No Son of Mine” which wasn’t announced will be sooner released than holding poison that was in the song preview yesterday.

Probably because of the leaked song …Or it was on purpose that the preview had nothing to do with the song…Anyway I am more than happy that we get new songs :)”

Foobydoob wrote, “As a Rammstein fan this sounds FUCKING GREAT AND I’M SO EXCITED.”