Foo Fighters Recorded New Album In Bathroom


Dave Grohl has confirmed that he recorded vocals for Foo Fighters’ new album Medicine at Midnight in a bathroom next to the toilet. No word on if the ‘medicine’ was Miralax.

Grohl told New York’s Q104.3, “We started writing this record almost two years ago — a year and a half ago. We were writing it while we were still on tour. We moved into this funky old house in my neighborhood; built a studio in the upstairs bedroom; recorded the drums in the living room; the guitars were in the bedroom.

I did the vocals in the bathroom next to the toilet. We started [recording] this, I think, in maybe September last year, and we were finished by January, February. We were totally done — mixed, mastered, ready to go. Artwork was done; t-shirts were being made; equipment was on the trucks — we were good to go. And then everything just kind of shut down. Then it was months and months of trying to decide when we would release it. ‘Okay, do we just put it out now?’ ‘No, let’s wait. Maybe we’ll see what happens.’ A month later, ‘Do we put it out now?’ ‘No, let’s wait.'”

He continued: “So, six or seven months went by, and I’m, like, we make this music for people to hear. We don’t just make it so that we can go hit the road. We write these songs so people can enjoy them and sing along, whether it’s in their kitchen by themselves with a bottle of Crown Royal or in a stadium bouncing around, singing the choruses.

So, I was, like, right now, more than ever, people need something to lift their spirits, something to give them some feeling of relief or escape. I was, like, ‘We’ve gotta put it out. Let’s put it out right now.’ I don’t know when we’re gonna hit the road, but we need to give the music to the people, ’cause that’s why we make it.”