Selena Gomez Reveals Kylie Jenner Dating Women?


Selena Gomez is making her way back into the main topic of conversation lately. Today, a remark made by the former Disney actress is causing a stir among those within the social media world. Selena made a comment about Kylie Jenner, which is causing many to question Jenner’s sexual orientation.

As per PinkVilla, We have never heard this before, but it looks like this comment is one we can’t let go of either. Gomez and Jenner are not stopping with just a TikTok eyebrow troll, as this has amounted to raising questions about Kylie Jenner’s sexuality.

What led to the rise in suspicion?

The recent comment of Selena Gomez on a video is making fans suspect the mother of two and founder of a cosmetic brand about her sexuality.

In the video, a TikToker asked Kylie to “come out of the closet” while criticizing her conduct in the aftermath of her alleged conflict with Selena.

The vlogger concluded her video by saying, “Just come out of the closet already. We get it. You’re struggling.” Selena then remarked on the video, “I love you,” prompting Kardashian fans to wonder if she was referring to Kylie’s sexuality.

Whatever the outcome is be certain that it will be covered by the press in due time.