Foo Fighters & Red Hot Chili Peppers Supergroup Performs


The Rock N Roll Pizza Bar in Simi Valley, California, was set ablaze on August 21st by an epic gathering of musical titans. Chevy Metal, the unconventional powerhouse ensemble founded by the late Taylor Hawkins and Wiley Hodgden, orchestrated an electrifying spectacle that had fans in awe. The night witnessed a mesmerizing lineup of guest musicians, including Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters, Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stephen Perkins from Jane’s Addiction, Gregg Bissonette, and the talented Shane Hawkins, son of the legendary Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. This was a gathering for the ages, an homage to the ’70s and ’80s, where classic hits were reborn with an exhilarating twist.

As reported by Blabbermouth – The concert was a dazzling showcase of rock’s timeless gems, with Chevy Metal fearlessly tackling iconic tunes by The Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Queen, David Bowie, and AC/DC. The undeniable chemistry among the musicians resonated through each note, each rhythm, and every electrifying guitar riff. Fan-captured videos from the event allow us to relive the enchanting night and soak in the raw energy that pulsed through the Rock N Roll Pizza Bar.

Chevy Metal isn’t your run-of-the-mill cover band. It’s a collective born from the playful experimentation of Taylor Hawkins and Wiley Hodgden. The band’s journey has spanned the globe, serving as Mick Jagger’s backing band and sharing stages with some of the most illustrious musicians of our time. The allure of a Chevy Metal performance lies in the element of surprise – you never know who might join them on stage for an impromptu jam session. Their commitment to resurrecting the “sickest tunes from the ’70s and ’80s” has garnered them a unique and dedicated following.

In a candid 2019 interview with Forbes, Taylor Hawkins shed light on Chevy Metal’s origins. He revealed that the band began as a lighthearted endeavor, a musical escapade to keep his skills sharp between Foo Fighters’ engagements. “It wasn’t meant for anything other than to keep my hands loose in between Foo Fighters gigs,” he admitted. Though it wasn’t his primary focus, the joy and impact of Chevy Metal transcended its humble beginnings. Taylor’s untimely passing in March 2022 was a poignant loss to the world of music, but his legacy lives on through the vibrant spirit of Chevy Metal.

Taylor Hawkins left behind a legacy of music and a loving family, survived by his wife Alison Hawkins and their three children – Oliver Shane, Annabelle, and Everleigh. His influence on the rock landscape is immeasurable, a testament to his passion and dedication.

Following Taylor Hawkins’ passing, Foo Fighters embarked on a new chapter. The band introduced Josh Freese as their new drummer during a lively pre-tour livestream titled “Foo Fighters: Preparing Music For Concerts”. Freese’s reveal was met with excitement after comedic appearances by rock icons Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe, and Danny Carey of Tool. This marked a significant evolution for Foo Fighters, as they continued to honor their legacy while embracing new horizons.

The night at Rock N Roll Pizza Bar was a powerful reminder of the unifying force of rock music, where artists from different corners of the genre come together to create something truly magical. Chevy Metal’s all-star jam session was more than a concert; it was a celebration of rock’s rich history, a tribute to the past, and a promise for the future.