Foo Fighters Reveal Why They’re On Hiatus: ‘It’s Strange And Super Unusual’


Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett was interviewed on KROQ’s Kevin and Bean Show yesterday, and he discussed Foo Fighters’ hiatus and the reasons behind it. Alternative Nation transcribed Shiflett’s quotes.

“It’s pretty great man. We were working really hard for a long time. We were on the road for at least a year or so for the last one, but then we were also traveling when we made the record, so that kind of felt like we were on the road, so it felt like a year and a half or so. Then before that there were shows we did for Dave’s movie, then the album before that, so it seemed like it was just a long stretch of back to back stuff.”

“This is like nothing on the calendar, you’re just kicking it for the summer. It’s very strange, and super unusual for us, we don’t tend to do that.”

“The first couple of months [of the hiatus] you’re feeling weird, then January rolled around, and I’m like, I’ve got to do something with myself, to feel like I have some kind of job.”

“Dave usually sends out an e-mail or a text or something: ‘Hey, I’ve got some songs, let’s go.’ But usually we don’t have this amount of time off.”

He later said, “We shall return, I just don’t know when, but it will happen.”