New AC/DC Album Cover Finally Leaks After Years


A new AC/DC album cover for Black Ice that has never been seen before has leaked after 11 years. Black Ice was the final album to feature the Back in Black lineup of Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd. The surviving Back in Black lineup is rumored to reunite for an AC/DC tour in 2020. An AC/DC member kissed a beautiful young woman in a new photo yesterday.

matirocker posted on, “Had never seen this before. It’s from SMAY design, who did the design for all the 2003 reissues booklets.”

nitroangus23 said, “To me the one(or should I say one’s) we got just look so artificial. It looks like something a computer would generate rather than something hand drawn or painted. All the lines are too sharp and perfectly semetric. Just looks bland really, like a preset in a photo editing program and I also thought it was way too busy.

Would much prefer something more original.If that rejected art is legit at least it has some classic elements to it even if simple.”

DrBelford wrote, “With just some minor tweaks this cover art would have been epic.

Some small cracks for example, that indicates that it’s an ice block & they could faintly resemble real life lightening shapes. In any case, much cooler than what we ended up with. That was just way to generic in my opinion.

It is also much closer to what I had in my mind when I heard the title, much more fitting.”

An AC/DC icon revealed why Angus Young is a ‘recluse’ last week. Jack B. Nimble chimed in, “I like the rejected BI cover. It looks like some sort of exotic drink. I never cared for the LTBR cover from above. The way the lighting is makes Angus look like an ugly girl with a perm. I like the simplicity of the guitar neck on the Oz version. It represents the stripped down feel of the album, much like the artwork for FOTS does for that album. My favorite cover has to be DDDDC (Oz).

Nitro mentions the BB artwork. I remember when I first bought the album (when it came out) that I was impressed by the comic artwork in it. I didn’t think that aspect of the album was bad.” An AC/DC legend called out a sad drug breakdown at a restaurant a few days ago.