Foo Fighters Suffered Tragedies After Taylor Hawkins


During a recent Identified with Nabil Ayers Great, Nate Mendel spoke about the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. The duo shared a close relationship. During the podcast, Nate also said that his father passed away a couple years ago, and it seems like he likely passed also around the same time as Taylor. In another interview, Chris Shiflett had revealed that his stepdad (who raised him) also died in 2022, and the band members certainly had a tough year.

Nate Mendel talks about Taylor Hawkins

The late Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins had one of the best rhythmic maestros of the contemporary era and he fused John Bonham-esque power with technical ability and a keen ear for songwriting.

He possessed every element needed to be regarded as a legend of music, this, in addition to his consistently amiable nature, made Hawkins’ premature passing a harsh blow.

He tragically passed away in 2022 but Hawkins left behind a remarkable legacy. His creative efforts speak for themselves. When speaking to Modern Drummer in 2011, Hawkins gave a particularly compelling interview describing his influences, style, and practice regimen.

At one point during the conversation, he also defined the sound of the Foo Fighters, explaining how they approached recording and his shared understanding with band leader Dave Grohl and bassist Nate Mendel.

It was noted to Hawkins that the group’s recording began with him and Grohl laying down the basic rhythm track, to which he responded: “Yes. I think the reason Dave and I tend to start the tracks together is because we’re both drummers. As well as being an amazing rhythm guitar player and pop/rock songwriter, Dave identifies as much with drums as anything, if not more than anything”.

Hawkins added: “He can get his ideas down holding a guitar and communicating with me as the drummer, and that creates the foundation of the song. Dave can say anything. He’ll say, ‘Play a Motown beat,’ for example, and we can communicate really well that way. It helps him to be able to work out the arrangement in his head. It’s almost like I’m his drum machine.”

The late Foo Fighters drummer also reflected on how his bandmates added to the creative process. Defining the band’s sound, he said: “The sound of the Foo Fighters is almost the sound of me and Dave locking in, then Nate playing over the top of it.”

Hawkins concluded: “We do the groundwork, then the other guys come in and throw in little bits and bobs. Nate floats around like [the Who’s] John Entwistle — he’s very melodic—where Dave’s rhythm guitar is almost more of a bass track. Again, like a Who thing almost. The sound of the Foo Fighters is almost the sound of me and Dave locking in, then Nate playing over the top of it.”