Foo Fighters Talk ‘Weirdo’ Kanye West, Justin Bieber & Illuminati ‘Secret Societies’


In a hilarious new Konbini interview with Foo Fighters members Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins, the pair discussed the Illuminati.

Taylor Hawins was discussing analogue and digital, and how digital was ‘never really there,’ leading to a funny discussion with Dave Grohl.

Dave said, “Fuck, start talking about dimensions and shit.”

Taylor responded, “It’s dimensions, and secret societies.”

Dave said, “Illuminati! Is there a rapper called Illumi-naughty?”

Taylor responded, “There isn’t.”

Grohl quipped, “I’m Illumi-naughty by nature.”

The two then did a short ‘Illumi-naughty’ rap.

They then discussed Drake and Kanye West.

Grohl said, “I’m really into Drake’s manscaping. Landscaping is when you’re cutting the grass, and making the bushes and everything perfect. Manscaping is when you do that with your facial hair.”

Taylor said, “It’s the same exact length.”

Dave asked, “Is it detachable?”

Taylor responded, “I think it’s all one thing, and I think he uses the same shaver.”

Dave said, “I think it’s a laser. I think it’s a machine that he invented that nobody else has.”

Taylor said, “But I like Kanye because he’s such a weirdo.”

Dave asked, “They’re neighbors aren’t they?”

Taylor responded, “Yeah, but I don’t think they’re super tight.”

Taylor also discussed The Beatles, “You can’t take one rock song from any Led Zeppelin song, any Queen song, any Foo Fighters song, any fricking Justin Bieber song, it’s all been done before by the Beatles.”

Dave asked, “Justin Bieber?”

Watch video below.