Bono Losing Voice Stuns Eddie Vedder In Video


One of the greatest fears you can possibly face as a musician and an entertainer is losing your voice – whether or your a high-class comedian like Jerry Seinfeld or an A list rock star such as Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, this is certainly one situation that you would not want to find yourself in the middle of when the lights are on bright.

An Eddie Vedder health update was recently revealed to fans not too long ago. During a recent edition of the ever-popular Smartless podcast hosted by Hollywood A-listers – Will Arnett, Sean Hayes, and Jason Bateman, Hayes asked Vedder if he had ever gotten scared due to illness or losing his voice before a show and how he handled that. Alternative Nation transcribed Vedder’s remarks:

Vedder: At first, I used to stress out about that stuff more but now it’s just relax, get through it, etc. You know, there are things you can do – you can change your breathing, you can do certain things to get it out or sing one certain line at a lower octave or something – or let the audience do it.

The Pearl Jam frontman would then share a story about how he was overseas in Berlin, Germany, and had to cover for legendary U2 frontman Bono during a concert after he lost his voice a few songs into that particular international set. The video of the Bono incident can be viewed below.

Vedder: You know, this was three to four years ago, I went to Berlin with the guys from U2 – with Bono and Edge and those guys. So, I went to see them do a show – I was hanging with them in the south of France and I was working over there as you know. So anyway, Bono loses his voice like three songs in – and people didn’t notice.