Foo Fighters Are Trying To Reunite Oasis


In a new NME article, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins begged Oasis to reunite. He hailed Liam Gallagher as a ‘fucking good rock singer’ and remembering ‘great nights out’ together.

“I’ll tell you something about Liam Gallagher,” Hawkins told NME. “That guy is such a fucking good rock good singer. When people talk about Freddie Mercury, they’re like ‘Oh my god, he’s so outrageous’ – a lot of people just skip past the actual thing of what it is that made them great. I watched that Oasis documentary [Supersonic] the other day, and there’s this part were he just sings ‘Champagne Supernova’ in one take in its entirety, and you just go ‘oh fuck’, you know, the reason we all liked him in the first place is because he’s a fucking good singer. He can fucking sing a rock ‘n’ roll song dude.”

Hawkins continued: “I hope him and his brother can get their shit together. I mean come on boys, everyone wants to see Oasis again, give us a break – come on!”

Oasis last played together in 2009, and brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher have trashed each other in the press and social media for the last 7 years, dashing hopes of a reunion despite frequent rumors of lucrative offers.