Guns N’ Roses Appetite For Destruction 30th Anniversary Plans Revealed


Attention Guns N’ Roses fans – it turns out the Not in this Lifetime Tour is taking more than one lap, and will it continue in 2017 for Appetite for Destruction’s 30th anniversary.

Several GN’R posts lately have hinted at some news coming regarding 2017.

First, they posted a video stating that “The Machine is Back” in 2017. This was completely ambiguous and people weren’t sure if this meant a new album or what.

Yesterday they posted another video playing the song “Patience” and captioned it “Patience…2017…GNFNR.” A show is being teased in St. Louis, two decades following the infamous riot, with other U.S. shows expected in 2017.

It has been speculated that the group would be returning to do some more U.S. shows next year as various “Welcome to the Jungle” billboards have been presented in cities throughout the country.

Thursday evening, Nightrain members received a holiday email regarding an individualized coupon code for their merch store. The bottom of the email said, “Didn’t get to see #GnFnR in 2016? Maybe 2017 will be good to ya… Keep your eyes and ears open!”

So there we have it. Guns N’ Roses will be returning to the U.S. for more shows in 2017. If you didn’t go…do yourself a favor and go. I’ll be going multiple times…again.