Foo Fighters Video With Spice Girls Released


MTV uploaded a rare video of Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Smear going shopping for clothes with The Spice Girls at the Newport Centre Mall in New Jersey in 1997.

Foo Fighters fans are having a mixed response to the band’s new single “No Son of Mine” on Reddit. HuthsebastianExhausted posted, “I just hate the background vocals and choir singing and all that sh*t. I mean, I really hate it. H-A-T-E.

They’re a rock band with 3 guitars. 3. Why does a rock band with 3 guitars need a background choir? Are 3 guitars too boring? Is Dave’s voice too boring? Taylor’s drumming? No? Then why the choir? If there was no ‘AAAhhh haaaa haaa’ in the background, it’d immediately be 10 times better.

I hated them on C&G and I really hoped they’d be over it by now, but then… shame AAAhahaha shame came out and now they’ve pissed all over no son of mine with their angelic choir crap. Sorry – you asked for unpopular opinions.”

WhatInTheSamHill responded, “I 100% agree in every way. Honestly, the choir is super cheesy, and it makes it hard for me to take it seriously. Sounds like a pop song, which would be fine for a pop band, but not really something I picture for FF. A cool harmonizing riff with three guitars would have been way better in those spots. Thanks for sharing your opinions! Appreciate it!”