Foo Fighters Wanted To Tour With Mick Jagger Fronting Band


Foo Fighters performed as Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger’s backing band on Saturday Night Live in 2012, and Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett discussed working with Jagger on KROQ’s Kevin & Bean Show earlier this week. Alternative Nation transcribed the following quotes.

“We were the guests when we got to go back up Mick Jagger on SNL a few years ago. That was the most mind blowing experience, I mean the Stones are my favorite band of all time. Mick Jagger is like the king of all kings for rock and roll for me, to get to go play a couple songs with him, and hang out with him a little bit for rehearsals that week, was absolutely mind blowing.”

“Every day he would show up [at rehearsals] and go like, ‘Hey guys, my voice is a little tired, I’m just going to hang back today.’ Then Taylor would click the song off, and he would start bouncing off the walls. Like that guy can’t stop being Mick Jagger, he just is Mick Jagger. He came and played a couple of songs with us at the after party too, which may have been better than what we did on the show.”

Shiflett also revealed that Taylor Hawkins wanted Foo Fighters to tour with Mick Jagger, with the Foos serving as his backing band.

“We were standing there talking to [Rolling Stones producer] Don Was, I think it was me and Taylor, and we were doing a lot of Chevy Metal gigs at that point. I think Taylor said something to him like, ‘Mick should take us out as his backup band, let’s go do some shows.’ Don was like, ‘Oh no, Keith would kill you guys.'”