Frances Bean Cobain Is Dating Professional Athlete


Frances Bean Cobain may not totally live in her father’s huge shadow, or her mother’s shadow either, but she still keeps the punk ethos going in her personal life it seems as she recently started dating the famed skateboarder Tony Hawk’s son, Riley Hawk.

The two have been sharing great photos and quotes back and forth on their Instagram outlets for not just them to see from each other, but for fans of theirs to see as well.

In a post by Frances Bean Cobain, she showcased a photo of Riley Hawk on her Instagram story as she spoke about how great of a person he is. In addition to this sentiment, she also made sure to point out that Riley Hawk loves to point out to her every time he sees a dog or a great spot to skate at. Frances noted that these are some of her favorite qualities about Riley.

On the flip side of the relationship, Riley showcased a photo of Frances Bean Cobain at a spot where the two were eating for her birthday. Frances is dressed in a cardigan that looks very similar to one that her dad, Kurt Cobain would wear at the MTV Unplugged session.

While it’s not too clear how long these two have been dating, it’s clear that they are very in love with one another and that’s something that is always great to see. We’re lucky to be able to witness it due to the celebrity profile that these two share together from their parents that have pulled in so many of us.

That being said, we must also see these two for who they are rather than just who their parents are. While that may be hard at times by names alone, we feel that both Frances and Riley bring a ton to the table just as they are.

Check out their stories below.

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