Tool Fans Kicked Out Of Concert: ‘A Power Trip’


Tool fans were ejected from the band’s Orlando show for using camera phones according to a fan on Reddit. A Tool member got an expensive hotel room on tour.

WhyYouLookMeOhSo said, “Sharing this as a heads-up. And I’ll say that I’m good with the camera policy. Last night was my 4th show of this tour, 2 pre-pandemic and now 2 on the resumed tour. At the first 3 shows security enforced the policy but would normally just shine their light at the person and they’d quickly comply. Security in Orlando was much more aggressive. They were actually kicking people out for taking selfies with their friends even when lights were on between acts and during the 12-minute intermission. I couldn’t believe it but saw at least 3 people on the floor ejected when there wasn’t even a band on stage.

I thought that I must not be understanding what was occurring so I approached one of the security personnel and asked if I could take a selfie with my brother as it was between bands. He said, ‘No, it’s a total prohibition from open to close with no exceptions.’ I suggested that I thought maybe they were interpreting the rule a bit too literally, not that I expected it to change anything as they were being huge pr*cks about it. Seemed like a power trip just to ruin people’s nights.

At one point my wife texted me during the opening act. As soon as I checked the text a guard lit me up, pointed to the sign and did the slash across his throat signal and pointed to the door. For a moment I thought he was ejecting me but it was just a warning. Needless to say I didn’t pull my phone out the rest of the show.

I’ll be at the Tampa show tonight to see if this is the new more aggressive approach or if Orlando was just an anomaly. In any case, be careful all you amateur photographers and videographers. Not worth missing the show to sneak a pic or clip.”