Frances Bean Cobain’s Ex’s Home Bugged, Told Daughter ‘Will Be Put In An Orphanage’


Alleged recordings of phone conversations featuring Courtney Love’s ex-manager Sam Lufti have been uploaded to In the recordings, Lufti speaks to Frances Bean Cobain’s estranged husband Isaiah Silva’s ex-girlfriend Jessica Sullivan. Sullivan is the mother of Silva’s 7-year old daughter.

“What have I ever done to Frances?”

“What have you ever done to Frances? You’re stabbing her in the back. You think you’re fucking smart? You think that this is going to work for you? Do you have any idea what type of people you’re dealing against? Are you stupid? Be her friend right now, side with her! You want a future, she’s got money to fucking take care of you, and your wife, and your child, until the day you die. Why would you play her?”

Jessica: “I don’t want anybody to take care of me and my girlfriend and my daughter.”

Lufti says in another recording, “Your kid will be in an orphanage. I’m gonna put you away, I’m gonna put your fucking little boyfriend away. Laugh all you want, I swear to God, you fucking dirty whore. You’re going to be in the streets where you belong. I swear to God!”

He also said, “Then Jess, be smart. You want to side with her [Frances] or – (Jessica interrupts)”

Jessica responds: “You wanna know who I’m siding with? The truth.”

Sam then says: “You wanna know the truth, I bugged your ex’s house 12 months ago. That’s how Frances got out, okay. The truth is that everything that was bugged for the first 9 months was not legal to use in court.”