AC/DC Icon Makes Stunning Quitting Announcement


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade was recently interviewed by French media outlet – NRJ CORSE. An AC/DC icon has shared a video from a recent concert show where his bandmate intentionally falls offstage into fans. Here, Slade discusses finding his youth as he gets into his advanced stage of life, and also reveals when he feels the best time will be for him to quit music and retire. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments. Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams are rumored to return to AC/DC for a tour.

Host: You’re hip, but we all know AC/DC in France. With all that, we are from the old generation and [inaudible] is from the young one but he knows only AC/DC. Now you have your [Chris Slade Timeline] project, your old group, and you probably play better than before. Are you like the old Chris Slade, getting older, getting better, getting younger right?

Slade: Vintage right? It comes vintage. Yes, I’ve always said that I’ll keep playing until for as long as I can play with power. Once that power starts to go away I will really consider stopping, because for me it’s as they say in America: Nine Yards.

It’s everything. You have to put everything into it, your whole passion, your whole body, With drumming your body is going into it as well as your brain – oh no, wait, drummers don’t have brains, eh.

AC/DC upset some fans when posting a ‘Highway to Hell’ tour dates photo yesterday.