Freddie Mercury Bizarre Request For Body When He Died Revealed


In a rare Express interview, late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s ex-girlfriend Mary Austin revealed the day Freddie told her, and only her, his wishes for his final resting place. Mercury also made a bizarre remark about people trying to dig him up with his typical sense of humor.

Mary said, “He suddenly announced one day after Sunday lunch: ‘I know exactly where I want you to put me. But nobody is to know because I don’t want anyone to dig me up.”

“Those were his exact words. ‘I just want to rest in peace.'”

Express wrote, “This reflects other comments Freddie had made about the heavy weight he bore. He may have revelled in those extraordinary moments in front of a crowd, but he was not immune to the pressures and price of fame.”

Ultimately, he summed it all up in his typically unashamedly outrageous comments: ‘In the end, all the mistakes and excuses are down to me. I’d like to feel I’m being my honest self. I don’t give a sh** what people say about me. I don’t regret any of the things I did. I’m just me.’

Freddie Mercury died from complications of AIDS in November 1991. The Queen biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was released last year, and earlier this year it won multiple Golden Globes and Oscars.