Rage Against The Machine Member Talks Disagreements With 90’s Music


Former Rage Against The Machine bassist Tim Commerford discussed his issue with the way music was being downloaded for free on the internet in the 90’s in a new Digital Trends interview.

“Truth be told, if I want to listen to new music these days, I plug into the computer and Google what I want to hear, find a video of it, and listen to it that way.

For a moment in time, I wasn’t sure I agreed with the way music was going back in the ’90s, but now here I am, seeing the computer as a middleman. It’s taken the job of a lot of people, but it’s made it easier for musicians to get their music out there, and it’s ultimately made it easier for people to hear new music.

As a musician, I like the opportunities people now have to hear my music, and to be able to get my music out there to everyone in the world — it is what it is. It’s an evolving form of entertainment.”

He also discussed playing with Brad Wilk and his current drummer Mathias in Wakrat.

“Oh yeah — it’s a different style, you know? Playing with Brad in Prophets, it’s that square, 4/4 style. It’s all about the feel, and the groove that’s like an internal metronome. So I focus on that, and try to feel it in my performance.

With Mathias, it’s more math, like, “OK, here’s a phrase where I start from this finger, and I end the phrase on this finger. I take a breath right here, or else I’m not going to be able to sing this part. If I do it all right, I’ll be landing on that finger, breathing right there, and everything’s going to be OK at the end of this phrase.” With Mathias, it’s a different puzzle, for sure.”