Freddie Mercury Girlfriend After Getting AIDS Lie Revealed


New photos have surfaced of late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury with his non-romantic girlfriend Barbara Valentin have surfaced. A member of Queen revealed yesterday that he had a near death experience after Freddie’s AIDS tragedy. In the fourth photo in the Instagram album, Mercury and Valentin are seen with Peter Freestone, who is dressed like a woman. Later photos show Mercury with Valentin after he was diagnosed with AIDS. Freddie Mercury Club wrote, “Freddie & Barbara Valentin (NOT lovers)💥. Posting this once & for all plz READ:

Barbara Valentin was an Austrian born actress who built her career in Germany known as the ‘German Brigitte Bardot.’ She & Freddie met in Munich 1984.

Barbara was very much part of the gay scene in Munich, in fact she was mainly an interpreter & go-between (and a beard) for Freddie & his relationship with then boyfriend Winnie Kirchberger who didn’t know a word of English.

She appears in ‘It’s a Hard Life’ video and also Freddie wrote ‘Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow’ not exactly FOR her but inspired by her film named ‘Kiss Me Like There’s No Tomorrow.’

According to Peter Freestone: ‘Freddie & Barbara had a lot in common including a mutual sense of fun. Freddie loved Barbara’s straightforwardness although unlike Freddie, Barbara expected to be treated like a star whenever she was out in public.’
They did buy a flat together in Munich but ‘Freddie never actually lived there.’

‘Being a star she could understand what Freddie went through in his day-to-day life. In Freddie’s last year, however, he shunned her because more and more articles were appearing in the German press’s gossip columns about the relationship between him and Barbara. After one article claiming to know of him and Barbara getting married, Freddie decided that enough was enough & it was concluded Barbara was providing the information for the gossip columnist.’

Barbara was also known among Freddie’s friends as an annoying, poisonous & manipulative woman who because of her own waning fame and stardom was hitching her fortunes to Freddie’s. Understandably she wasn’t invited to Freddie’s funeral.

Lesley Ann Jones in her dishonest so called ‘biography’ has claimed Freddie & Barbara were lovers and that has falsely led many to think Freddie was bisexual. But Minki Reichardt, Barbara’s daughter, doesn’t agree with Jones and has ensured that: ‘The two were very close to each other, often slept in the same bed, but they did NOT have sex.’ Because hello Freddie was gay!

P.S. So there! As much as I hate Barbara I HAD to post this to finally set some things straight.” An interesting take! A member of Queen recently made a disgusting Freddie Mercury death accusation.