Rage Against The Machine Stunning Drug Use Revealed


Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk recently discussed getting high on mushrooms at Disneyland on social media when discussing how Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, and House of Pain helped Rage Against The Machine during their early years. He said that Tim Commerford ‘saw God’ on a Disneyland log ride.

“When RATM first started out, no bands in the rock world wanted to touch us for a support act. It was Public Enemy, Cypress Hill and House of Pain that truly supported RATM in our earliest days. Which leads me to @ogeverlast. Everlast is a bad ass trailblazer and a unique artist who’s paved his own path.

Man, the stories I got from touring with HOP… Epic. In one city alone.. show night.. Baltimore.. We’ve got John Waters, a broken arm, promoter disputes, gun play, a riot, a fire and an attempted bus flipping. We rested later with a day off on mushrooms at Disneyworld. I think Everlast was rollin dice on the Pirates of the Caribbean. Timmy C saw God on the log ride.

House of Pain, Public Enemy and the Cypress tours were RATM’s earliest and most memorable tours. Seriously EPIC times, carving the musical cultural landscapes. Grateful to know all of these guys.”