Freddie Mercury Slept With Surprising Number Of Men


The release of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ has led to a renewed interest in late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s love life.

One newspaper article stated, “Tragic rock star Freddie Mercury’s “Russian Roulette” sex life is likely to kill scores of his lovers, a top doctor claimed yesterday. Bisexual Freddie admitted sleeping with at least 100 people – and close friends believe there were many more.”

WNG reported, “Early in his adult life he was engaged to be married to his muse Mary Austin. They broke off their engagement after Mercury admitted to multiple homosexual affairs, but they remained close throughout his life. Queen guitarist Brian May told Fresh Air’s Terry Gross that in the early days of Queen, he and Mercury shared hotel rooms. ‘I knew who Freddie slept with in the early days,’ May said. ‘And they weren’t men.’

But after his breakup with Mary Austin, and after the band became successful, Mercury became unmoored. A fascinating biography of Mercury, Somebody to Love by Matt Richards and Mark Langthorne, documents in detail how sex and drugs poured out of the rock ’n’ roll. After many shows, Mercury would take a man back to his room for [intimacy]. Estimates of the number of [intimate] partners Mercury had during his lifetime range from hundreds to several thousand.

None of these aspects of Freddie Mercury’s life made it into the sanitized version offered by Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Mercury’s hey day was during a time where the LGBTQ community sadly had less rights, and there was rampant homophobia.

  • Jerry Mander ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Many gay men from that era had sex as often as possible. I had friends who when visiting LA (1980-ish) would consider the trip a disaster if they didn’t have sex 3 or 4 times a day with different people.

    They’re all dead of course, just like Freddie, but this behavior was the norm, not the exception. If his number of sex partners was under 1000, I would be shocked.

    And of course, straight rock stars had similar numbers and it had nothing to do with being gay. It’s just accessibility.

    So back in the early 1980’s, a lot of gay men and a lot of world famous rock stars were having a lot of sex. News at 11.

  • Diana Foster

    The man writing this article does it to disguise his homophobic attitude. He has written other disrespectful articles about Freddie Mercury citing unreliable sources that he can’t confirm their accuracy. This isn’t journalism this is a smear campaign hiding his homophobic hatred under the guise of journalistic creativity. He refused to address me when I emailed him that tells me his purpose for these trashy articles. Next he will be claiming Freddie deserved to get AIDS I suppose. But then what do you expect from someone that was once involved in the fake arena of wrestling. Why don’t you write about the various supposed athletes calling their selves wrestlers juicing up on steroids? Easy if he was involved in it he feels it is off limits and legitimate. Stop being such a homophobic prick

    • Dorie Ann Pope

      I so greed with you…until you started in on wrestling. I have been around as well as a fan of wrestling (and Queen/Freddie) for over 40 years. I worked on the indy circuit for over 6 years. Make no mistake. Every wrestler is an athlete and if you dont believe me then as Guns N Roses would say….Get in the ring. As for steroids, yeah alot have used them in the past. But with the knowledge we have today on steroids and their complications its not nearly as prevelant as it used to be in wrestling or any field. And you do know that baseball and football and mixed martial arts have all had steroid scandals along with rampant useage as well right? You are quick to jump on wrestling and wrestlers my friend but just as you accused the article writer of doing, your bias is showing.

      • Jerry Mander ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        It’s more like ballroom dancing than a real sport. As you say, the outcomes are predetermined which means (on earth) it’s fake. Sure they can lift, but an actual wrestler in their weight class would absolutely destroy them.

  • EarthSprite

    “This isn’t journalism this is a smear campaign” I AGREE, leave Freddie alone, this is just cruel to smear such a brilliant man and speculate about salacious details of his personal life that make no difference now.

  • Taina Casia

    The man who wrote the article is nobody else than a human manure…and likes to look for the same and if he does not find it, then will eat his own manure…and Freddie Mercury will be in memory even after he turns into manure…and nobody will notice…

  • Kamikaze

    Seriously 100 people? I’m not even famous and I’ve been with more people than that. Most of them women.

  • Janet Peek

    Thank you for your comment. Freddie is a legend and will always be. People trying to profit on his death need to get a life of their own and leave him to test in peace .

  • Isabella Wall

    Since when has this been news?? Also, I don’t mean to be rude, but is it really anyone’s business? Fans of the Mr Mercury and/or Queen may already know about this – I don’t see why it has been made out to be a stunning new revelation…

  • Dorie Ann Pope

    Dude have some respect and compassion will ya? Freddie was gay and we all know that. Many of us figured it out, or suspected, way before his death. Some people would have had a problem with his sexuality back then but not as many as you may think. Those of us who were alive through the 80s and very early 90s (I was born in 71) remember how much sex it seemed everyone was having back then, and when I say everyone I do not just mean just heterosexuals, It really was sex, drugs, and rock n roll. But seriously, if Freddie had been 100 percent heterosexual would you have wrote such an article on this about their sex life? If he had been straight and slept with the same exact same number of women would this be an issue? Smh.

  • John Dzwon

    Although Freddie’s sexuality may have been mercurial, and he slept with a surprising number of men, I suspect he was wide awake with an even greater number of them.