Greta Van Fleet Singer Looks Like Kurt Cobain In New Photo


Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka looks like late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in a new photo, wearing classic Grunge plaid flannel, and a hat that also looks similar to some that Cobain wore in the early 90’s.

Kiszka has showed off his fandom for Nirvana, posting on his Instagram story that he was listening to “Rainbow Chaser.” Surprisingly, it’s not by the Seattle Grunge icons Nirvana that we know and love, but the British band Nirvana that Kurt Cobain hated after a legal issue.

Lord: I also remember being on the phone with Kurt [Cobain] and Kurt was really in a bad mood. I asked what was happening and he said

“There’s this British band and they are a bunch of old guys, they are suing us because they are also called Nirvana.” 

Lord: And I said

“Oh geez, how much do they want?”

Lord: And he was like

“Fifty thousand dollars!”

Lord: And I thought that was a lot of money. Now that I think about that band, I’ve heard a little bit about them since because with YouTube you can find stuff. I think of that band and go “man, if they only held out longer they probably could have asked for a million dollars. Anyway, Kurt was not happy about that. In fact, fifty-thousand dollars to them back then was everything.

Window: Not to David Geffen, he wouldn’t of mind it.

Former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl gave Greta Van Fleet alcohol as a gift at a show last year, Billboard reports.

“It’s an increasingly rare sight at festivals these days. Over the past year, the Michigan-bred band has consistently been one of the only rock groups excelling in a hip-hop economy, dotting lineups from Coachella to Austin City Limits and delivering a big, warm sound that echoes Led Zeppelin.

Since releasing its breakthrough EP Black Smoke Rising in April 2017, the group, which also consists of younger brother Sam, 19, on bass and keyboards, and drummer Danny Wagner, also 19, has earned praise from classic rock icons including Robert Plant and Elton John. In July, Dave Grohl stopped by the band’s tour bus outside a festival in Quebec City (where the drinking age is 18) with a bottle of Jägermeister and a few words of wisdom.”