Freddie Mercury As Teen Boy Video Finally Surfaces


The first ever video footage of late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury filmed in 1964 when he was a 17-year old with his teen friends has resurfaced on Twitter. Queen are now playing live for a new generation of young teen fans with Adam Lambert on the ‘Rhapsody’ tour. Photos of Freddie Mercury with Michael Jackson surfaced over the weekend.

Brian May wrote, “LAST NIGHT in Toronto !!! OK – I know I’m in danger of overdoing the adjectives – but – INCREDIBLE !! I really don’t think I ever heard a greater roar – not this year – not last year – not EVER !! Blown away. Thanks guys for the kind of response to a performance that we all dream of.

These are some of Pete’s pics from the guitar station where he watches over me and the guitar every night and ensures that it happens flawlessly. Well, almost flawlessly ! Ha ha ! In the pursuit of ever-increasing excellence, perfection is a dangerous illusion, to be avoided at all costs !!! Right ?! Bri.”

May recently shared sad funeral photos. He said about the previous show, “Thank you, dear Detroit Rockers !!! Unbelievable !!! We loved every minute of tonight. 💥💥💥💥 What an incredible contact we felt with you all out there. This is the point in the tour where we are getting to know the terrain and are able to go the extra mile in interpretations. Tonight there was nothing more I could have asked for. I was able to give to the max – inspired by the vibe of the moment – moments like that are precious. Bless ya – every one !!! Bri” A photo of Brian May in the bathroom was recently uploaded.