Friend Of Murdered Eagles Of Death Metal Employee Rips Jesse Hughes: ‘You Piece Of Shit’


Former CNN host Piers Morgan has ripped Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes on Twitter following his criticism of the March For Our Lives gun control rally.

“America’s most repulsive man. Take a bow, @jesseEODM – you vile, gun-toting douchebag.”

A friend of Nick Alexander, the merchandise manager for Eagles of Death Metal who died, named Erin has tweeted:

“Dear @jesseEODM ( I use the term ‘dear’ lightly, in reality you are a piece of shit) Our friend Nick died selling your merch, our friend Nick died working for YOU. Your fucking ignorant rants make us sick,but most of all sorry, sorry your pathetic life has come to the point.”

“that you think calling kids pathetic for fighting for their lives is are not a rockstar, you go against everything rock n roll stands for, YOU are the one disrespecting the victims YOU are the one who should be voicing support not hate! Go to fucking hell Jesse ?”

“Using a terrorist attack in another country as a platform to attack kids in your own country for trying to make a change is a disgrace…these kids are trying to safeguard YOUR kids future, you should be standing with them….rant over….for now!”

“He makes me sick…he clearly needs help, I’m all for divided opinions but this was just hateful bullshit aimed at kids making a difference to a fucked up world…if I didnt have baby twins to look after I wouldve flown over and marched with them.”

Hughes has been defended by many conservative and pro second amendment fans. HommesRightFoot posted on the Queens of the Stone Age Reddit.

“Scrolling through Jesse’s instagram posts just there and some of the comments are absolutely disgusting. He said there are only 2 genders and now he’s a ‘transphobe’? Leftists are supposedly the side of anti-hate and yet 90% of the comments on his posts are telling him to kill himself, saying he’s a fucking cunt, etc etc I’ve seen this shit happen so often, the second someone with a slight celebrity status posts an unfavourable or right wing viewpoint, they go on a vicious witch hunt.

I mean, you people call him hateful in one breath and tell him to kill himself in the next. The emotive arguments made by leftists in general is so repetitive. If someone wants to murder lots of people, that someone will find a way. It doesn’t matter if guns are legal or not, they will either buy guns illegally, or use a knife, or a truck or a bomb. I see lots of people talking about how Australia is the posterboy for gun control too. Yet homicide rates have been declining steadily in Australia since the 60s and when the gun ban was put in place, you would expect the homicide rate to decline drastically right? It didn’t. It continued to decline slowly like it had been doing for decades before. Murderers will find a way to kill. Good people deserve the right to self preservation.

I know Joshua holds many of the same opinions as Jesse too, so are the left wing fans out there gonna stop listening? It’s a shame that the second a person expresses an opinion that doesn’t fit your narrative you have to silence that person and abuse them. Rant over sorry :)”

Hughes said in his initial Instagram post, “Obviously….The best thing to do to combat chronic abusers and disregarders of the law(like the law against Murder) is to……..pass another Law!…..Genius!!!…… but before we pass this law we’re going to denigrate the memory and curse ourselves by exploiting the death of 16 of our fellow students for a few Facebook likes and some media attention….and look how well civil rights abuses as it concerns firearms helped to protect me and my friends in Paris!!!!!