Dave Grohl Private Text Messages Revealed


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has come out and stated that he is pledging to help the ever-increasing Los Angeles based homeless population. This is an admirable act by the drummer/singer who has been in the public eye since the late 1980’s. How and when will Grohl’s assistant kick-in?

As per Yahoo, as if feeding 500 at a homeless shelter last week wasn’t enough, Grohl continued his favorite side gig – Feed the Streets announces that Grohl will volunteer with the Los Angeles non-profit, helping them hit their monthly target of 3,500 meals served. 

Grohl is no stranger to philanthropy, but the recent brutal weather in Southern California means that some people without stable housing have had a particularly rough go so far in 2023: “On one of those wet and cold rainy days we received a text from none other than Dave Grohl (code name: Dolce & Gabana) — he said he heard about what we were doing and wanted to help out,” Feed the Streets wrote in a post on Instagram featuring clips of the rocker smoking meats.

The caption continues: “We threw him into an upcoming activation. He spent 18 hours straight smoking brisket, ribs and pork — with a cooking crew. They stayed up all night and into the sunrise… If that ain’t a hero we don’t know wtf is. Stay tuned, D & G will be back on the blocks to serve Yucca and Skid Row soon!”