Garbage’s Shirley Manson Reveals Big Name In Music Is ‘Sexist Misogynist’


In a new Huffington Post interview, Garbage singer Shirley Manson accused Recording Academy President Neil Portnow a ‘sexist misogynist.’ She also discussed her recent performance with Fiona Apple.

What did you think about Fiona’s T-shirt, and what are your thoughts about the calls for Neil Portnow to step down from his position as president of the Recording Academy in the wake of his comments about women in the music industry needing to “step up”?

Much like everybody, I was delighted by her T-shirt. She’d actually sent me a photo of it earlier that day and asked, “What do you think of this? This is what I’m thinking of wearing,” and I was like, “Fucking yeah! I love it!” And I love her punk rock spirit, and I love that she’s courageous enough to follow through with her thoughts. I’ve always admired that kind of stance. I was totally behind it.

With regards to Neil Portnow, I think he should step down. I think he’s shown his true colors. I think he’s shown how he thinks. I think that he’s a sexist misogynist, and I think it’s time for him to go. I think it’s pretty simple. And I think any other female musician feels the same way — and if they don’t, they don’t understand what the fuck is going on.

Watch the video below, featuring the shirt that Manson is referring to.