Gavin Rossdale On ‘Irony’ Of What He, Dave Grohl & Chris Cornell ‘Became’


Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale remembered Chris Cornell in a recent Billboard piece.

“I remember going to take my first son to see prospective schools and this one school, they said, ‘Chris Cornell was just here with his wife.’ And then we go to another school and they go, ‘Oh, Dave Grohl was just here with his wife.’ I thought about the irony of just what we all became, just parents trying to get it right for our kids. I’m finding it very hard to separate that and not primarily think of him as a father.

He always found a way to put melody over hard riffs, and so much of the time, people play hard riffs and then they dog bark their way through it, scream and stuff. With Chris, there was this innate, beautiful melody and beautiful words that anyone with any degree of sensitivity could relate to and did. That’s why he was popular all over the world and that’s why ‘Black Hole Sun’ has 80 million plays on Spotify, because he spoke the language of people and being human. That’s what’s the most painful thing to me, is the void for his sound. It’s just rotten, that horrible feeling of emptiness.”