John Lennon Slept With Surprising The Beatles Bandmate

The official Twitter account for The Beatles tweeted out the following quote. The quote is in reference to an old interview that stated how iconic late lead guitarist for the influential group, George Harrison would double up in rooms and sleep with John Lennon on tours after Pete Best left the group in 1962.  Ringo Starr revealed if John Lennon hated George Harrison recently.
The quote stated: “Doubling up rooms on the tours, after Pete Best left, I used to pair with John because I felt I’d been instrumental in talking them into getting Ringo into the band. I thought (…) it would be best if he shared with one of them because that would integrate him better” – George
John Lennon’s widow made this The Beatles death announcement the other day. In other news regarding John Lennon and The Beatles, fans of the ‘Fab Four’ discussed how the world reacted and their first-hand accounts to the assassination of Lennon in December of 1980 in a recent topic on the Beatles subreddit.
Blakephoenix wrote: “The world stopped for a month. Every magazine & newspaper had a special issue. “Imagine” was on the radio 24/7. Christmas wasn’t Christmas, New Years was cold and sad. Everyone hoped it was just a bad dream. By spring ’81, it was a memory too painful to dwell on too much. And that was how the ’80s began.
An eerie John Lennon divorce photo was freshly revealed. Kaptainkrazykat recalled: “It was a huge outpouring of shock, sorrow, outrage, and love for Julian, Sean, Yoko and the surviving Beatles. There was fear that copycats would follow with Mick Jagger considered the most likely target. This led to Keith Richards crowning a stage jumping fan with his Telecaster. I was a second-generation Beatle fan and I was devastated.”