Gavin Rossdale Sings Alice In Chains At Surprise Concert


Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale and Breaking Benjamin have surprised fans by uploading a concert video of them covering the Alice In Chains classic “Would?” Rossdale does his best take at replicating the unforgettable performance by the late, great Layne Staley.

Rossdale recently discussed wearing masks in a new 102.7 WEBN interview. Rossdale said, “I think that it’s crazy that people don’t wear masks. When you’re in your house or you’re around people that you’ve been with… There’s a few people that I know who’ve been quarantined who come and spend time with me — very small [group] of people. And they are fine with it. But if I go anywhere publicly, I always wear a mask. I see people all the time not wearing masks. It’s amazing.

“Yeah, if you’re outside in the park or running around, they probably can’t give you [COVID-19] unless they sneeze in your mouth and hold you there, but at the same time, it just doesn’t show the right energy — it’s not the right attitude, because you’re saying, ‘I actually don’t care about you,'” Gavin continued. “‘Cause even if you’ve had it, people get the wrong impression. When you wear a mask, you’re saying, ‘I care that you don’t get it as well and you don’t bring it to your family. And I hope you don’t give it to me. And we’re all on the same page.’

“I saw a guy yesterday in Beverly Hills a sort of buff dude with a tight t-shirt with a gorgeous younger wife and a young son, and [the wife and son] were both wearing masks, and wearing rich people’s Beverly Hills outfits. And he’s got the expensive jeans and the tight shirt, and he’s not wearing a mask. And I was thinking, ‘I can tell he’s an arrogant guy in life.’ He’s got this very beautiful girl, he’s having a baby. And I just thought, ‘Why aren’t you wearing a mask?’ Now, I could be getting it wrong and judging, so I apologize if I was, but it did strike me as a bit unnecessary. It’s so easy to put a mask on.”

Bush toured with Live last year, and toured with Stone Temple Pilots and Live in 2018. Bush are releasing a new album called The Kingdom this year.