Greta Van Fleet’s Namesake Reveals Why Band ‘Isn’t My Favorite Music’

Left photo by John Cook

A new Detroit Free Press article discusses Greta Van Fleet’s namesake, 88-year old Gretna Van Fleet. She lives in Frankmuth, and has become somewhat of a local celebrity in the small town.

“Every day, out in town, somebody will stop me,” says Van Fleet, a retired medical secretary and office manager. “People are so excited to meet me.”

“She gave us the go-ahead,” says bassist-keyboardist Sam Kiszka about Greta Van Fleet getting permission to use her name. “Ever since, she’s been living the rock-star life too.”

Van Fleet is a lifelong Michigan resident who spends her time bonding with family, sewing, and going to church. Hard rock acts like Greta Van Fleet aren’t exactly up her musical alley, she’s more into classical and old pop standards.

The Detroit Free Press writer said that when pushed to find out if she has a favorite Greta Van Fleet song, she said the lighter ballad “Flower Power” is her favorite.

“It’s not my favorite music, and the boys know that,” says Van Fleet. “But I think they’re very talented, and I support them.”

Gretna Van Fleet also discussed the band in a Tuscola Today interview, saying that she’s a fan of big-band music and once belonged to a band called The Allenaires, keeps attracting attention along with the rock band that derived its name from hers.

“Everywhere I go, somebody has to ask a question about the band,” Van Fleet said. “I’ve had a lot of fun with it. I hope they have success and just keep themselves straight and not get into trouble – for their sake.”

Van Fleet has dealt with questions since the rock band performed at Fischer Hall in downtown Frankenmuth during Zehnder’s Snowfest in 2013.

“There was an ad in the paper that Greta Van Fleet was going to perform at Fischer Hall,” Van Fleet said. “My neighbor pointed it out and said ‘Are you going to be (performing) down there?’ I said ‘Well, if I am, I missed rehearsal.’”